CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM - customer relationship management is a framework letting you to maximize the efficiency of all business processes related to customer relations. Implementation of CRM system begins with CRM strategy - your company will gain to most out of the system only if customer-centric thinking is in place.

CRM software lets you build comprehensive and complete customer relationship management solution, while integration with ERP and business intelligence systems lets you have 360-degree view of your customer.

logo_saleslogix.gif SalesLogix is one of the most acclaimed CRM packages for mid-market. Professionals value the package for its outstanding feature-set and ease of usability.

Take a look at Sales presentation (SalesLogix for Sales).
Take a look at Marketing presentation (SalesLogix for Sales).
Take a look at Support presentation (SalesLogix for Support).
Take a look at Microsoft Outlook integration presentation

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Microsoft CRM
is a good solution for companies which already rely on Microsoft Backoffice products. Integrated with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains, Microsoft CRM is a natural choice for users of this ERP package.

See Microsoft Customer Relationship Management presentation.